Pet Seizure Log

Seizures in Dogs and other animals are very dangerous and left untreated your pet could suffer dire consequences. It is very important to keep track of the dates,times and symptoms of these seizures, and Pet Seizure Log can do this for you.

Causes of these seizures are still a mystery, some speculate that it is a form of Epilepsy, a genetic defect, or even food allergies. Seizures can come in the form of simply staring off into space, or falling to the ground and shaking out of control. Many seizures begin while the animal is sleeping or resting.

Your Veterinarian will ask for specific information about the seizures. What age did they begin, how long do they last, and how frequent are the seizures. The more information that you can provide to your Veterinarian the better.

Pet Seizure Log and your Veterinarian: Your Veterinarian will ask about the 3 phases of a seizure can take:

The pre-ictal phase(before) your pet may appear nervous,restless, or whining which may last days or hours before the seizure actually happens. Any pre-ictal symptoms should be noted.

The ictal phase (seizure itself) this phase can last a couple of seconds up to several minutes. Note what happens to the animal during this phase, how long it lasted.

The post-ictal phase (after) this phase can last minutes, hours or even days. Your pet may experience confusion, temporary blindness and pacing as well as others. Note how long this phase lasts and the symptoms. Many pets are very hungry and thirsty after a seizure due to a drop in blood sugar.

If your pet has a seizure make sure that the pet cannot fall off furniture, or down a flight of stairs. Keep you pet from rolling into objects on the floor and KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF THEIR MOUTH. Animals do not swallow their tongues.

There are treatment options from your Veterinarian and many holistic and natural remedies. Talk to your Veterinarian for a list of options for treatment, and do some hands on research for yourself, but most important keep track of seizures and thier symptoms. Seizures are dangerous and can be life threatening to your pet.

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